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We specialise in training and building resilience in individuals and organisations. The Resilience Institute provides practical, evidence-based and integral methods for liberating human potential. We define Resilience as a learned ability to have:
Courage: enthused by challenge and change

Creativity: develop talent and opportunity

Connection: respect and care for others and nature

Bounce: toughness and recovery skills in adversity

Resilience Institute

Leadership Program

Our premium leadership training program. The Resilient Leadership Program is designed and customised for each group. The course is tailored to leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs.  While based on Practical Resilience, this intensive intervention helps deep change happen at both a personal and leadership level.
Resilient Leadership Video - Dr Sven Hansen


Resilience Institute

Practical Resilience

Our most popular training course is the Practical Resilience course.
With over 15000 people having participated in this course it is a well tested and robust option for building your organisation's resilience.


Resilience Institute

Workshops & Keynotes

As an introduction to Resilience and our programmes, many organisations and conferences invite us to deliver short, high impact introductory and specialist sessions.
Our facilitators are trained and experienced presenters, who will educate, motivate and entertain.

Resilience Institute

Emotional Intelligence: Practical EQ

Emotional Intelligence is a well established platform for leadership, personal effectiveness, happiness, health and relationships. Our EI course runs over two days is offered through Short Courses at the University of Auckland & in-house.

How resilient are you?

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Online Resilience Training

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Resilience is a practical, integrated method for liberating human potential.

The Resilience Institute was founded in 2002. Its mission is to deliver high-impact, practical, and integrated Resilience training. It is evidence-based bringing together modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence (EQ), cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and neuroscience. 


Seven Keys to Resilience

Dr Sven Hansen Keynote enquiry

Assertive Humility:

Emerging from the ego trap

Stuart Taylor Keynote enquiry

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On Resilience
"...more than education, experience, or training, an individuals level of resilience will determine who succeeds & who fails."
Harvard Business Review, 2002

On The Resilience Leadership Program:
"I've been in the business nearly 19 years and in Leadership roles for the last 10, and it was great to do something new that can totally change the way you lead your team. I would love to see it rolled out to all People Leaders."
Senior Manager - Top 4 Aus Bank

On The Practical Resilience Program:
“... any change is a journey, thank you for re-opening my eyes to the opportunities around me & providing a base from which I can see myself spring back to life as a whole."
Calvin - Manager, Northpower 

An Introduction to Resilience - Dr Sven Hansen

Meet The Teams

New Zealand

Dr Sven HansenRichard WhitneyRobert Simon, PhDJulia McFadzienDr Alex Bartle


Stuart TaylorPeta SigleyAmanda PurnellMadeleine Shaw


Bruce RobinsonDr Sven Hansen


Laurent LevisallesAlexia MichielsKatrien AudenaertDr Nathalie Rapoport-HubschmanCarlota SimoRandall Zindler


Thierry Moschetti

Latest Articles and Posts

  • Case Study: Resilience Works

    We have been working the field of resilience for over 20 years. While we feel confident that we have improved people's lives and impacted the performance of organisations, can we know this?

    We have been diligently asking this question across our now sizeable database of assessments and clients. Increasingly the answer is a clear YES.

  • How Women Can Make It Happen

    International Women’s day will be celebrated on March 8 with the theme of ‘Make it Happen.’

    How resilient we are - our ability to bounce back, have courage, foster creativity and build connection has a direct impact on our level of performance and reaching our potential.

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